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 River Walleye Fishing

Dirt Cheap Walleye Kick Butt Strategies and Great Present to Ask For

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5 Great Walleye Fishing Tips on Rivers  
learn our top 5 strategies that help us put more walleye in the boat.  

The Best Walleye Fishing Rods  
we have had a lot of folks asking us for our opinion on the best walleye rods to use.  Well, I for one am not going to spend a great deal of money on a trolling rod but there are a couple of rods that I am willing to give a Benjamin for.  Take a look at what we have been using.

river walleye fishing

 River Walleye Fishing Fact: 83% of people who fish for walleye are not catching as much walleye as they like......97% say they cannot catch walleye with any regularity.  

If you don't know what you are doing, then your chances of catching fish drop considerably.

Never Before Revealed Walleye Fishing Secrets and Strategies Walleye Fishing 

Nothing is better than sitting in a boat on the river fishing for walleye on a overcast day. Better yet, it's a lot of fun sitting in a boat in the evening catching walleye at night.  Depending on your success, you will either love fishing walleye at night or during the day.  A lot of river walleye fisherman love spring fishing because they catch the trophies.


By far the most successful river walleye fishing tackle is the bottom bouncers and spinner set ups. The kit to the left is complete with everything you'd need except the fishing line. This is the starter set I learned how to build my own spinner rigs.  Ironically, I still use most of the same colors.

Click the picture to learn more about it.

If you are new to river walleye fishing my best advice is to ask a lot of questions, read a lot of information and get out on the water.  You have plenty of choices when it comes to walleye fishing rigs and you will need to adapt to certain situations. The biggest challenge when you are fishing walleye on rivers is the fluctuation of water.  

On the Columbia River you can see the water level either rise or lower 5-10 ft in one day.  If you fish on a Monday and go back out on Tuesday you might see huge differences.  Just remember these fish hang out where bait fish are present. If the river is running fast, walleye will sit in deep holes, behind rocks or bridge pillars and/or off to the side of strong currents.  Weed beds located close to a deep drop off are major hunting grounds for walleye and are strong areas to hold many walleye.

As you get deeper into summer it is best to fish early morning or late evenings.  Don't be surprised if you are on the walleye, they can quickly stop biting before 9 am.  When the sun comes out the walleye head for deeper cooler waters.

Blade baits, tubes, whistler jigs are effective in the spring, worms harness, crankbaits and jigs are effective in summer and fall, but one bait that is getting a lot of attention in the late fall are those swim baits.  If you are fishing deep waters with a strong current, 3 way swivels work well to help your swim bait get to the bottom.  

We've got a lot of information that will help you catch river walleye so bookmark the site and visit often. Through video presentations, ebooks, mp3's etc. you are going to learn river walleye fishing strategies that will permantently rid your boat of the perverbial "skunk" FOREVER. Strategies like:

  • How to elevate river walleye's attraction towards your offering! (An astonishingly easy technique well-used by smart walleye professionals... but ignored by 99% of other anglers!)
  • How to catch your limit in under 90 minutes and have your buddies desperate to find out your new skills!
  • How to set up your own scientific system to soon be catching more walleye than you can possibly handle
  • Your most important consideration in finding walleye. Follow everything else in the Guide, but neglect this, and everything you've worked hard for could go to waste
  • Insider techniques for jigging in the river.
  • The most effective way to run crawler harnesses.
  • How to troll 3-ways for the best hookup rate
  • Gosh, there is just a ton more information available for you

Time and time again river walleye fishing strategies must change in order to find and then catch the fish.  Our local buddies spend all spring, summer and fall chasing walleye and never do we catch the walleye in the same locations.  Sometimes we need to fish the river in deeper water, sometimes we need to move laterally across the fishing grounds and sometimes we need to go shallow.  These guys spend days on the river and still find it challenging.  

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I've used the strategies taught in Walleye Fishing Secrets to make believers out of these locals. One simple walleye fishing strategy I learned and finally taught the locals was fishing the river in both directions.  They've never tried that before and now I can see them out there on the Columbia river heading up stream for the first time of their lives. Another great secret is to look for plankton.  Once you find it on the water, you better get your bait inside it or you'll pass over one very "hot spot" loaded with all kinds of fish, including walleye.

River Walleye Fisherman in every area of the world needs to have map and a clear picture of walleye fishing strategies they can quickly implement to catch more fish.  I call some people the IWF nuts.  What is IWF?

Insanity Walleye Fisherman:  Insanity is doing the same things over and over again, hoping for different results.

You can catch more river walleye if you are willing to learn some simple NEW fishing strategies. I am extremely thankful I invested a few dollars in Walleye Fishing Education because it has paid off with bigger fish, more fish and less frustration.  I never worry about: "Gosh Jim, I don't know what else to do to catch these darn fish".  Now it's like: "OK, this didn't work, now let's try this or let's move over to that stretch of the water, I just learned how to identify the eddy that might be holding a school of walleye."

I owe a great deal of my walleye success to the tactics and strategies learned from In Fisherman. After an exhuastive search I have found a place that will give us a great deal.  How good?  How about a yearly subscription for $10.  Yes, that's right $10.  I was paying $24.95 but not anymore.  

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Stay in touch and don't be shy about telling us and showing us your pictures of success on the walleye fishing trip you just took.

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