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 Walleye Fishing Secrets: After my frustration overflowed, I finally purchased a book that forever changed the way I fish for walleye. I figured What the Heck, I spend $60 each time I walk into a sporting goods store trying to find the latest and greatest walleye lure.  Now, I've learned and will share just the tip of the iceberg of what I learned.  There is more information in that series, mp3's, video's, audio's, heck you'll spend a day or two ready, listening and learning.

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Walleye Fishing Tips 1-5 On Rivers

Alright, here are my top 5 walleye fishing tips when we are fishing on rivers.  Just keep in mind, I am talking about rivers that are flowing below dams, not above. The Columbia river is bigger than the Hudson, Mohawk, Detriot but these tips work.

Tip 1:  If you have never fished the area, you know there are walleye to be caught, then spend some time scouting out the area.  It's not that hard to sit in your boat and drive up river or down river.  Look for many boats all lined up, fishing one particular area.  Get into the slot they are fishing because they are on fish.  If they are fishing a ledge, underwater island and trolling with electric motors they are probably fishing walleye.

Tip 2:  watch the fisherman in the boats and pay particular attention to what their rod tips are doing.  If you see several people fishing on each side of the boat and their rod tip is going up and down they are jig fishing.  If that is the case, then give it a try and see what happens.  You will need these walleye lures in your boat:

a.  blade bait
b.  various prism colors you can stick to your blade.
c.  don't be afraid to tip it with worm

Now, these blade baits are not the only thing you can use to jig with, but they are a top walleye lure on the Columbia River.  Stop by a local sporting goods shop and start asking the salesman questions.  They will lead you to the top or hottest walleye lures for that area.

Tip 3:  trolling for walleye is the most popular method on the rivers out west. Using a bottom bouncer (sometimes called bottom walkers) fisherman will attach a walleye spinner rig and a big ole night crawler.  One thing to remember when using bottom bouncers, always troll down river and control your speed using an electric trolling motor.  If you use your gas motor chances are high that your speed will be to fast.  

Tip 4: when you are trolling, don't be afraid to work your way up and down structure.  We don't really like to troll in a straight line and have found when our spinners change directions we have success hooking a walleye.  We have also found that when we work our bait up a hill or down the hill into holding areas, walleyes will chase the worms.  

Tip 5:  there are times when walleye stop biting.  Chances are good that it is when the sun is hitting the water direct.  If you are fishing in muddy water, simply move out in deeper water and in clear water try to find banks that have shade.  Especially the early afternoon shade, we have found walleyes in water as shallow as 5 ft.  We will simply troll along the bank and keep our bodies in the shade.  As we continue to work this area, we will always move out into deeper water as the shades moves out towards to middle of the river.

These 5 walleye fishing tips have served us well over years and we will always use them.  One thing we will change from time to time is the color of our smiley blades or spinner blades.  We normally use chartruese but there are times when we will use gold, red and blue.


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