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 7 Unconventional River Walleye Fishing Tip

Top 7 Unconventional River Walleye Fishing Tips that you probably have not seen, heard or read about.

1.  River Walleye Fishing Tip:   Do Follow the Masses

I have read countless articles on "where to fish walleye" and how to avoid places that are crowded. And my best advice to you is, don't listen to these people. Why?

Words travel fast about hot fishing spots and soon the masses hear about it and you'll find that each weekend more and more boats are fishing in that particular walleye fishing hot spot.  The reason is "plain and simple"  these fisherman are catching walleyes.  You never leave a hot spot in hopes of finding another hot spot.

Instead you leave a hot spot that is not producing in hopes of finding another spot that could potentially add more walleye.

One of my favorite things to do is scout out an area. You can do this by either taking a few hours off from your fishing, or you can use the hit and run method.

I prefer the "hit and run" method because I love to spend every minute I can on the river with my presentation in the water.

The hit and run method is simple.  After you leave the docks, travel to the furthest place you'd expect to catch walleye and then work your way back to your home dock. Or you start close to the dock and work your way down/up river.

Basically you are out on a scouting trip to find others who are fishing for walleye.  On the Columbia River it is easy to find the packs.  There are drifts that produce walleye and you will find somewhere between 4 boats and 20 boats all working one particular drift.  When you find these walleye fisherman, place yourself in the upstream slot and start fishing downriver to the end of that particular drift. Once you finish a drift, pull your gear, start up the engine and move back to the top of the drift and start all over.  Do this for a hour or so, take notes and if you are not catching fish, then take off and travel until you find another flock of fisherman working a particular drift. It is really easy to find the walleye fisherman in our neck of the woods, because they are all moving downstream with their electric motor in the water.

Fish this new "hot spot" for an hour or so and then keep moving down/up stream.  Take notes of each spot and keep scouting out the areas for places you can night fish for walleye.

I have a set of friends who walleye fish a lot. We share with each other the drifts that are producing, the depths we find the walleye holding at, and the presentations used to help boat walleye.  I call these guys before I head out so I have a good game plan before I hit the river. If you follow this one method you will boat more fish.  It works extremely well.

Other methods that work for us is to visit local shops and ask questions, visit forums online to find information you need, and read a map of the river.

2.  River Walleye Fishing Tip:  Check out the landscape

Look for long stretches of beach/river front that are shallow with a sudden drop off.  Daytime walleye fishing is best in these drop off areas.  Don't be afraid to move into very deep cold waters to find your walleye. 

3.  River Walleye Fishing Tip:   Do Give Night Walleye Fishing a try

This ties into our number 2 unconventional walleye fishing tips.  I like to find that long stretch of beach that has a drop off and a shallow 10 ft or less area that has a weed bed close to shore. This 10 ft. area needs to be at least 50 yards wide.  The simple reason

for this area is because the walleye sit in the drop offs during the day and at night they go hunting for food and they don't have to travel far to find it.

4.  River Walleye Fishing Tip:  Tube Baits Work

I can't even begin to tell you how many times we were out fishing for bass in deeper waters and we end up catching a walleye.  Walleye eat just about anything in the summer and tube baits should be used when your worm harnesses don't work.  Changing presentations in known walleye waters need to include tube baits. 

5.  River Walleye Fishing Tip:   Leader Length is important

Fishing river walleye normally includes bottom bouncers.  It is the number one walleye rig on the columbia River after March.  If your walleye waters are murky then you don't need a very long leader. If the water is clear, you need to get that walleye harness back further behind your bottom walker.

6.  River Walleye Fishing Tip:   Bobber Fishing for Walleye

Greatly influenced by steelhead fisherman, fishing with bobbers is picking up momentum. Once you figure out the depth of the river where walleye are holding, nothing works better than a worm presentation without all the distractions of a walleye harness. Any type of invisible fishing line works best because the only thing the fish will see is a worm tumbling downstream.

7.  River Walleye Fishing Tip:   Run Crankbaits in Deep Waters

Many a fisherman thinks that a crankbait can only be fished at the depth of the manufacturers specifications.  When we troll upstream for walleye and we are fishing a deep drift in the river, we'll slip on some weights about 4 feet above the crankbait so we can reach depths below 30 feet.  When I first tried this method I simply attached a leader on a bottom walker and tied on my crankbait. 

These Top 7 Unconventional River Walleye Fishing Tips work or I wouldn't be sharing them with you.  The next time you are out on the river, don't be afraid to give these a try, especially when you are close to limiting out.  I know a lot of you probably "catch and release" and many rivers have a size limit. This makes testing new methods easier, but make sure you have had some success catching fish, first.  I hate it when friends tell me a certain method sucks when they didn't try it until they were about ready to go home skunked again.

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 7 unconventional river walleye fishing tips