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Took my first ever Banks Lake Walleye in North Central Washington July 6th 2011. The ony problem was my guide didn't want to fish for walleye as much as he wanted to practice some techniques for his upcoming Northwest Bass Fishing tournament July 9th.

After talking with several Banks Lake Walleye fisherman we found out that the walleye bite was slow (actually nobody caught anything) as was the bass fishing.

banks lake walleye

Leave it to my bass pro buddy to teach me a new way to catch walleye and bass.  He was using a Senko worm by Gary Yamamoto.  My buddy calls this the "do-nothin" worm because he will rig this up for his wife and tell her to let it sink to the bottom, real twice and do nothing.

I guess many times she has outcaught him using this technique.

I can tell you that this "do-nothing" set up is also called: Weightless Texas, Texas rigged worm, Wacky, Wacky worm, Weight Wacky, Drop Shot (something like this Drop Shot Rig).

First off let me tell you that we traveled across half the lake in search of bass and walleye.  I've heard a lot about Banks Lake Walleye so I was excited to take this trip knowing it can produce as well as Lake Roosevelt Walleye Fishing.  

We left his place at 6:30 am (his wife was driving the motorhome) and she is not an early morning person) and started fishing around 10 am.  We started fishing at the northern wall of the lake and didn't pick up much but we did manage to catch one walleye on a tube bait. Little did we know that would be the last walleye we would catch until our last hour of the trip.  We tried half the lake, used everything imagineable including worms.  Nothing wanted our presentations except a blue Yozuri lipless and the only thing biting it were smallies.  The first day ended around 8 pm and we barely caught 10 bass for the first day.

The second day started at 5:30 am and we tried all the northern end hot spots.  We managed to catch a few here and there and all of them were on that lipless Yozuri.  It was around 11 am and it was our last stop before leaving for home.  The place was Steamboat Rock or something like that.  That's when we tied on that Senko and watched in amazement how quickly we started catching fish.  I mean both walleye and smallmouth bass.  I will say that we caught 14 bass and a couple of walleye in about 30 minutes.  For Banks Lake at this time of year and water conditions it felt like some of our hot streaks on Lake Roosevelt.

We tied a jighead onto our lines and wacky rigged the senko.  We tried several colors and all of them worked.  Taking the senko we hooked it in the middle and simply cast it toward shore.  After it sunk we would simply pull on it a little and reeled in the slack.  Many times we thought we were hung up on the bottom but it was a bass that had taken it.

Banks Lake Walleye were found on the other side of the boat.  Using the same technique I would cast it away from the bank and let it sink, pull on it, reel in the slack and wham.  Yes it was only a couple of walleye but I had never caught a fish using this technique.

Final thoughts on the Lake is:  when you can't seem to find anything to entice the fish to bite, give the senko a try it just might work.  Good luck on your next Banks Lake Walleye fishing trip.

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