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 Catch Walleye With a Drop Shot Rig

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River Walleye Fishing
Fact: 83% of people who fish for walleye are not catching as much walleye as they like......97% say they cannot catch walleye with any regularity.  

Walleye fisherman are becoming plentiful and the pressures on the water is getting intense. If you don't know what you are doing, then your chances of catching fish drop considerably.  

Leave it to my bass pro buddy to teach me a new way to catch walleye.  In a tournament in the summer of 09 he and his wife were fishing for bass on the Columbia River.  She was using a tube bait and he was using a drop shot rig.  As he was approaching the area where bass like to munch, he started bouncing along the bottom with this rig.  Within 2 minutes he had his walleye hooked and landed.

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We all know that you will find bass and walleye in the same areas especially if there are a ton of bait fish present.  In this case, the Columbia River has been running high all season long and we managed to fid the little buggers about a mile above where they usually are this time of year. However, the walleye had moved dow river to their more traditional spots for June and July. And that is where my buddy caught his 7.5 pound walleye on a drop shot rig.

I'm sure all of  you have stories of catching walleye using fishing equipment for different species, right?  I remember the first time I caught a walleye on a tube bait and thought it was a fluke until I did it many time over. Now, I'm never afraid to throw a tube at them because I know it catches walleye. However, little did I know that a Drop Shot Rig could catch walleye and we proved it by duplicating it again on our next walleye fishing trip.

Drop shot rigs have been a staple for bass pro's for several years now. Many a tournaments have been won by anglers who dedicate themselves to this one fishing technique. Little did I know it would catch walleye and now with experience it is a rig I will gladly change to if walleye are being fickle.

Just remember you can use any plastic you want from curly tails, to flukes, worms and even sassy shad's.  The above picture has a fluke on it and that fluke is the one that caught the big walleye.  To view the enlared picture run your mouse over this link: catch walleye with a drop shot rig.

In the spring time when we go hunting for trophy walleye and this will be a rig I will not hesitate to use.


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