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 Columbia River Walleye Fishing

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Columbia River Walleye Fishing
: 83% of people who fish for walleye are not catching as much walleye as they like......97% say they cannot catch walleye with any regularity.  

You will find walleye on the columbia river from just below the Canadian border all the way to the mouth of the pacific ocean. Not sure many rivers in the world can produce that many miles of continuous walleye fishing.

Columbia river walleye fishing preparation:  Adopt the Boy Scout motto and you will be just fine.  Try to squeeze out a few more casts and you will be in trouble.

If you are planning on taking a fishing trip to the river, be sure to be prepared for just about anything. The prevailing wind blows east and the current flows west. That can make for some trecherious conditions which I found out the hard way back in 2004.  It took us over 2 hours in the dark to get back to the docks and the only thing we had guiding us was a beakon.  Basically the weather can turn on you very fast.  Yes, we were stubborn mules and wanted to keep fishing ahead of the front that was moving in.

Columbia river walleye fishing is all about "structure, structure, structure".  You can't go wrong purchasing a map of the river or the section of river you want to fish. Locate under water islands, find drop offs, find large bolders, larger holes for holding, fish below the dams during spawn, yadah, yadah, yadah.  I learned a great deal of this from walleye fishing secrets.

Columbia river walleye fishing rigs:  you can catch walleye on the river using just about anything you want and to best explain that you should visit walleye fishing rigs to learn what to catch "Columbia River Walleye on".  

Columbia river walleye fishing "HotSpots" now, a lot of people will tell you the most popular spots to catch walleye, but they have a hard time telling you their secret fishing holes. On the Columbia river it is hard to hide and if you are smart you can observe other walleye fisherman and duplicate their success.

If you have a map of the river, it is very easy to launch head up stream or down stream and locate the walleye fisherman.  If they stick to the same area for an extended period of time, guess what? They are either catching walleye or they have no clue where to go next.  Most of the "hotspots" on the river allow for many boats, so don't be shy.  Get into the walleye fishing lanes and start moving.

My only 2 words of advice on Columbia River Walleye Fishing is:

1. get Walleye Fishing Secrets and study the heck out of it
2. purchase a map, mark the areas you catch fish in and study other walleye fisherman

If you are serious about catching walleye, you should be a good student and keeping a journal of weather conditions, water conditions, color selections, etc will come in handy.  Making a mental note of things is good, but when you have detailed information that you can easily locate and study, it will make for a much better day on the river and it just might make your day.

Last Word on Columbia River Walleye Fishing
the flow of the river can and will fluctuate. Don't be surprised to watch the water level go down 10 ft in one day or rise 10 ft in one day. Many a times we have parked our truck and trailer in what we thought was a safe spot only to find out that it was up to the axles in water.



Urgently visit: River Walleye Fishing Secrets

Stay in touch and don't be shy about telling us and showing us your pictures of success on the walleye fishing trip you just took.

Keep reeling them in



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