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 Inland Walleye eBook Facts and Review

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Inland Walleye ebook, might not be your best bet if you are a fisherman used to fishing on a river.
But.......if you live out west and spend time on the Columbia river, this cheap and comprehensive book might be the ticket to above dam walleye fishing success.

A complete review on inland walleye is below and you might want to compare it to another walleye fishing help called Walleye Fishing Secrets

Inland Walleye ebook
by Kolby Kester

Inland walleye is written by Kolby Kester and 25 yr. walleye fisherman and champion of several walleye tournaments. By trade he is an educator of walleye dynamics and fresh water environments. Kolby spends on average 150 days a year on the water chasing walleye in every conceivable environment possible.  He has written for Iowa Walleye Magazine and this ebook is a collection of all his experience.

For me personally, I purchased the book because it was cheap and any little trick I can learn to help me catch more walleye I'll buy it.  Heck, for the price of a couple of crankbaits, this ebook is well worth it.

"I am a tournament fisherman and found your book to be a great resource for transitioning from pre-fish to tourney day.

One of the biggest challenges in walleye fishing is finding the darn things. If you become good at thinding them then your next challenge is to catch them.  To add insult to injury, can you find and catch walleye on a consistent basis?

Inland walleye is well written and easily understood.  The information cannot be fully absorbed in one sitting and it is a book I visit often.  Each time I read it, something new pops up that I wat to try the next time out.

The section on how to catch walleye from shore is critical for fisherman who don't own a boat. I have used this strategy on Lake Roosevelt with success.

Those of you who like to jig fish for walleye will be surprised at the techniques Kester uses and teaches the reader. Jigging strokes are critical and he teaches a few secret strategies that will help fill your freezer with walleye meat.

"Wow! is all I have to say.  You were right though, each chapter needs to be studied closely, reading the entire book in two or three sittings will make your head spin."

WARNING if you are looking for river walleye fishing strategies this book will not be for you.  When I am talking about river fishing, I mean fishing below dams on the Columbia River.

I love to fish for walleye at night. He includes a great section on night fishing for walleye that was extremely effective for us on the Columbia River.  Like some of the other books on walleye he really does explain why walleye move, how they travel and where you might find them.


thank you very much, this has really increased my catch rates, I really enjoy the work you've done"

Here are some more walleye fishing techniques that will help you outfish your best friend.

  • How to find hidden pockets of walleyes in screwball locations that nobody has a clue about.
  • The one trick to use on your presentations that will double your catch rates (if you tournament fish, this one will cash checks for you!)
  • The one method to use that will make any crankbait really come to life and produce.
  • How to use the walleyes' spawning time to up your catches all year long.
  • How to catch suspended walleyes on YOUR local lake.
  • How to catch the doggiest, dog-days walleyes on America's reservoirs and natural lakes.
  • Deadly trolling presentations from ice out to ice up.
  • The first places to run to when walleye fishing reports are dead, dead, and dead.
  • How to automatically go to hot zones on your lake 12 months a year.There is a lot of information to review and you can't do it in one night.

My humble opinion of Inland Walleye is........

  • if you are looking for river walleye strategies-don't buy it
  • if you are looking for ideas on catching walley from the bank-it's worth $12.95
  • if you are looking for walleye behavior, patterns-it's worth more than $12.95
  • if you are looking for night fishing tactics-it's worth $12.95
  • if you are looking for any type of walleye fishing help-you can't go wrong

Here is the link to learn more about Inland Walleye.

Hope it helps you as muc as it did my fishing buddies and me.


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