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 River Walleye Fishing Tips


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River Walleye Fishing Tips:
The following tips have been used and proven to catch walleye. If you have a tip you would like us to try on our river, forward it and if it works, we'll share it with the group and give you a link to your site.

Top 7 Unconventional Walleye Fishing Tips

Out west we do a lot of salmon and steelhead fishing. In particular, steelhead fishing is extremely effective if you fish at night.  Fisherman have 2 primary means of catching steelhead: lighted lures and shrimp on/off the bottom.

More and more walleye fisherman are beginning to fish at dusk until midmight or when the bite goes off.  This walleye tip is related to catching walleye at night.

Scout your walleye river: Night Fishing Walleye Secrets
Using a map I like to locate a shelf alongside a deep hole.  If you can find a shelf that also contains weeds, you are in luck.  Walleye hide in these deep holes during the day and they love to come up into the shallows at night to eat.  

If you can find a couple of these shelves within a reasonable distance from each other, then you have options if one place is not producing.

What I like to do is troll the shelf during lighted conditions to find snags, humps, bolders, etc. I also try to find landmarks on shore that can help me identify critical areas that I need to avoid or concentrate on.  I prefer to find shelves that allow me to troll for at least a quarter mile because that is my preferred method of night fishing for walleye.

Night Fishing Walleye Rigs

 Like I said, trolling is our primary means of fishing at night, so we like to long line our walleye rigs. Number 1 night fishing walleye rig we use is a shassy shad.  We tie it directly onto our line using a 3/8 ounce black jighead.

Our primary color is black/silver and if you click image on the left, it will take you directly to the page that has the black/silver sassy shad.


 Number 2 night fishing walleye rig is a jointed rapala.  I've used large and small rapala's and have found the one on the left to work best for us at night.

Remember when night fishing the walleye are looking up towards the moon and for whatever reason the black back with silver or white belly works best.  Some evenings I have tried a more perch pattern with success.  

The image can be clicked and taken directly to the page I purchase from.

River Walleye Fishing Requires Good Trolling Rods

When it is time to use your bottom bouncers we have learned that our old salmon or steelhead fishing rods are really good trolling rods.  However, if you have those stiffer steelhead rods or even the ultra firm salmon rods are not very good for trolling for walleye.  Anything in the medium range has worked well for us and our ultimate walleye rod length is 8'6".  Again, this is our preference after using the special rods made for walleye trolling and bottom bouncers.  We tried the ones from both Bass Pro and Cabela's and felt like the length of 7' was just not long enough to meet our needs.  Our rod we are now using is the St. Croix Eyecon Walleye Trolling Rods Model: ECT90MM2 (9' 0", M, 2 pc.)

If you take the walleye trolling rods from both Bass Pro and Cabela's, throw some braided line on them, there is one guarantee--you will feel every single rock in the river.  That is what I love most about those rods and their sensitivity is second to none.  However, I lost more rigs using this combo than using monofilament line and our longer rods.  I just feel that the longer rods get our bottom bouncers out from under the boats path, it is easier to un snag yourself and the fish really like the presentation better.  Bottom line, I caught more fish using my steelhead rod than my "walleye specific rod".  Just remember we use bottom bouncers most of the time and when we do use whistler jigs or blade baits we switch rods.  Our preferred rod for this type of walleye fishing is the St. Croix rods.


Don't be afraid to use a night crawler, especially if you are fishing off the bank or prefer to cast and reel. Walleye eat just about anything that's easy to find and night clrawlers are no exception.

Stop back soon because we will have more walleye fishing tips for you.

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River Walleye Fisherman in every area of the world needs to have map and a clear picture of walleye fishing strategies they can quickly implement to catch more fish.  I call some people the IWF nuts.  What is IWF?

Insanity Walleye Fisherman:  Insanity is doing the same things over and over again, hoping for different results.

You can catch more river walleye if you are willing to learn some simple NEW fishing strategies. I am extremely thankful I invested a few dollars in Walleye Fishing Education because it has paid off with bigger fish, more fish and less frustration.  I never worry about: "Gosh Jim, I don't know what else to do to catch these darn fish".  Now it's like: "OK, this didn't work, now let's try this or let's move over to that stretch of the water, I just learned how to identify the eddy that might be holding a school of walleye."

Visit this site, get educated on all areas of walleye fishing and the next time you go river walleye fishing, I know your results will be much better.


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Stay in touch and don't be shy about telling us and showing us your pictures of success on the walleye fishing trip you just took.

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