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This webpage is dedicated to walleye fisherman all over the world. Our hope is that you can learn some new tips and tricks to catching trophy walleye. If you'd like to add your pic to this page: trophy walleye fishing pictures, send your info to:  use Walleye Pics in the subject line.

I'd love to share with you our trophy walleye but we are the dumb fisherman who never pack our camera in the boat on our walleye fishing trips.  You'd figure we'd learn our lesson when we hit the river or lake, but......

At any rate, click on the name and it will take you to the photo.

This Dalles Dam Trophy Walleye was caught by Tom Vance below the dam. Tom used a whistler jig tipped with a worm.  Congrat's Tom on a great catch.

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"I enjoyed the information that the guide gave us. I learned a lot of different ways to catch walleye and some things that I was doing wrong."


Walleye Fishing Secrets
by Andrew Martinsen


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