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Walleye Fishing Rigs
Factoid: 83% of people who fish for walleye are not catching as much

Walleye Fishing Worm Harness Used at Roosevelt

I'm thankful for Walleye Fishing Secrets. It opened up a new world for me and made me understand the entire walleye world. It gave me strategies, tactics and a huge assortment of ideas to eliminate the perverbial "skunk" in a boat.

worm harness

Walleye Fishing Rigs for river fishing mainly consist of weight, spinners, worms, jigs, crank baits, and my favorite tubes.  Columbia river walleye fishing is my primary target and we have hundreds of miles of river to chose from.  The walleye fishing rigs you will use vary slightly and oftentimes it can very significantly.  The problem with most of us beginners is we have an assortment of fishing rigs available, we just don't know how and when to change strategies.

Walleye Fishing Rigs for instance don't have to be heavy when you are fishing above the dams, but when you are fishing below the dams you might need to go up to a full ounce or more of weight to keep your presentation in front of the walleye.  We use bottom bouncers for walleye fishing with worm harnesses.

Lake Roosevelt Walleye Fishing Rigs
We have had tremendous success using bottom walker walleye rigs. Depending on the area we are fishing we will switch to tube baits weighted with 1/2 ounce jig head. Night fishing for walleye is totally different and our walleye rig of choice is a sassy shad. I've caught them at night using jointed minnows but when you catch walleye regularly with sassy shads, why switch? 

Another tactic that works on Lake Roosevelt at night, but can be extremely difficult to stay awake, is to float a bobber and worm walleye rig. This is basically a shore method of casting to the middle of the lake and letting your bobber do the work. The guy we ran into last year caught on average 3 walleye per evening of fishing. I don't know how long he fished but that isn't bad sitting on top of a houseboat, drinking beer and socializing with guests.

McNary Dam Walleye Fishing Rigs: If you are fishing extremely close to the dam on either side of the river you have a choice of crank baits, bottom walkers and worm harness and tubes. I know a lot of fishermen who also use jigs with a small piece of worm tiped on the hook.

This stretch of the river (between the dam and bridge) is tricky because there are a lot of rocks/snags but the saying we have in the boat truly applies: "if you ain't losing you ain't fishing". Basically you need to be prepared to lose some rigs, it's just part of the game.

Irrigon Walleye Fishing Rigs:  This greatly depends on the time of the year.  Trophy walleye hunters all jig in the early spring.  They are excellent at locating the spot and keeping their boat over the hole. Regardless of wind or river current they do a great job of keeping the boat over the hole long enough to jig their walleye rig in front of the big trophies.  This is by far the number 1 method of catching trophy sized walleye on the Columbia River in the spring.  Summer time rolls around and all the methods we discussed above work.

Patterson, Glade Creek, Crowe Butte Walleye Fishing Rigs:  no secret here. Bottom walkers, spinners, crankbaits catch the walleye. I like to use bottom walkers going downriver and then switching to crankbaits when we work up stream.  I've had success with tube baits in the Glade Creek and Crowe Butte area but be ready to catch a ton of bass in the process.

This is the spinner rig I used from Bass Pro in the very beginning that produced great results. Click on the image to see more options.

Attention Salmon Fisherman at Hood River (mouth of the White Salmon):  If you locate your boat from the bottom side (downriver) to the top side of the mouth and anchor right at the drop off, you will catch walleye using your salmon jig. My buddy picked up a 5 pounder in late August and we have caught several eaters from that spot.

Lake Walleye Fishing Rigs:  our primary method of catching walleye is trolling along weed beds in Minnesota.  I've caught the darn things on rooster tails, sassy shads, jointed minnows and all the other rigs that walleye fisherman use.  I rely heavily on my brother in laws strategies when we are fishing away from Washington state, but the one that always gets him is the tube baits. Not sure when they are not used more in the midwest, but I know one particular lake in Minnesota that is suseptible to tube baits and  nobody can figure out what the heck we are doing. We get a good laugh at people when they go digging through their tackle boxes, trying to match our walleye fishing rigs.

To be very honest with you, we use the tactics we learned from Walleye Fishing Secrets to help us catch lake walleye.  This walleye educational series is a must if you spend a great deal of time on the lakes. It doesn't matter if you are in Candian Walleye Waters or Arkansas or Mississippi every walleye fisherman should be studying this material to increase their catch rates.  It works and there are plenty of people who will tell you the same thing.


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