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It seems everyone has some sort of Walleye Fishing Secrets: I've spent my money and purchased several of these "secret walleye books".  Let me share with you my findings on the top two and I'll let you know if this stuff worked or not.

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Walleye Fishing Secrets
by Andrew Martinsen

I just checked with Andrew to make sure I read it correctly and I did.  His price for Walleye Fishing Secrets is now only $57. I paid a lot more for his material and I really believe this price is rediculously low.  It's worth a lot more and I told him so, but I lost the arguement.  At any rate, here is what you're gonna get for 57 bucks.

"Hey Andrew, Thanks for the secrets. I went out last weekend to a place we call "The Bubble" it was like BAM, BAM, BAM, we had 16 keepers in 2 hours!!

I was amazed at all the information Andrew packed into his report. At least 2 hours of audio with a walleye pro, who does share his strategies for finding the fish and when he might use different presentations during difficult times. This guy has a lot to share about the FLW tournament and how he adapts to water conditions.  This is my favorite audio and we actually play the audio while in the boat fishing for walleye at Lake Roosevelt.

In this series you will get 6 audio files and 7 videos.  Plus the bonus audios (4), ebooks (3),and videos (2).  Like I told you there is a ton of information that you can't cover it, in one evening.

"I enjoyed the information that the guide gave us. I learned a lot of different ways to catch walleye and some things that I was doing wrong."

Andrew has 4 components and each component has an ebook, videos and audio reports. He covers many areas of walleye fishing including baits, the science of walleyes and even a section on trolling for walleyes.  Truthfully, he has covered all the major areas of fishing for walleyes.

There is a lot of information to review and you can't do it in one night.

  • Walleye fishing supplies: rods, reels, line, hard baits, soft baits, crawler harnesses, and more
  • An astonishingly easy technique well-used by smart walleye professionals... but ignored by 99% of other anglers!
  • How to catch a freezer full of walleye in under 90 minutes!
  • How to set up your own scientific system to catch more walleyes
  • How to find the "road" walleye travel or migrate in
  • Your most important consideration in finding walleye. Follow everything else in the Guide, but neglect this, and everything you've worked hard for could go to waste
  • Insider techniques for jigging in the river.
  • How to troll 3-ways for the best hookup rate
  • Gosh, there is just a ton more information available for you

 Walleye Fishing Secrets Success Stories

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Walleye Fishing Secrets


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