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This Walleye Fishing Trip on the Columbia River should have turned out a lot better than it did but there is a reason, keep reading why.

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May 31st my bass fishing pro buddy finally wanted to head out and go on a walleye fishing trip to the Columbia river.  We headed down to Walleye alley near Paterson Washington which is about 2 miles above Boardman Oregon.

Since it was my first walleye fishing trip of the year, I headed to my favorite 2 hot spots. Hot spot number 1 was worthless and hotspot number 2 was Glade Creek.  Those of you who know the area are probably thinking I'm on drugs to be fishing Glade Creek but every single time I fish there we land walleye.  Well today was no different but here is what puzzled me the most.

The walleye I caught was the largest of the day but when we finally landed it, I thought it was a Pike Minnow (as my bass pro friend calls them) or something like that.  It had more silver on it than any walleye I have ever caught. The only reason I changed my mind was I saw it's mouth and the teeth.  It was weird.

Well, we kind of lost our patience after a while and tried a bass hotspot he likes to fish.  One trip through the area resulted in zilch.

Using the techniques I wrote about last year we found where the walleye were hiding.  Check out the first point in this article: 7 Unconventional River Walleye Fishing Tips 

The drift or run we found was on the Washington side just above Paterson on the outside bend of the river.  We found a ton of boats and nuzzled our way into the lane.  About 3/4 of the way down the drift we landed another walleye.  In the next 3 drifts we landed walleyes around 15-16 inches.  After talking to a few other walleye fisherman, yesterday was the day to be there.  I heard of three people who landed walleye over 10 pounds and many of them saw a lot of people catching their limits.

We ended up with 5 walleye in about 70 minutes before we ran out of worms and had to end our day.  However, if I had never used the unconventional walleye fishing tips, we would have just drove past this hotspot.  Just remember if you see a bunch of boats fishing a drift, they are there for a reason-WALLEYE.

If you're interested in some other facts here you go:

  • We caught Columbia River Walleye in 21 to 31 ft of water.
  • We were moving a lot slower than most boats (electric motor)
  • We used bottom bouncers with 3 ft leaders
  • Blade spinners worked better than smiley blades.
  • Water temp. was 58 degrees

If you have anything to share with us in your particular part of the country send me an email and we'll get it out to people and we'd love to have your pictures, because I always forget my stupid camera.

As a sidenote:  last weekend my basspro buddy and I caught 65 and 86 bass respectfully at Roosevelt a week earlier.  Tube baits, crankbaits did the trick.

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